Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vintage Inspired Easter & St. Patrick PaperArt

The Pink Attic Cat, located at 5784 S. Rapp in downtown Littleton will be open tomorrow and Saturday 10 to 5. On Saturday, Amy will have a Create class from noon to 4. The Create class cost is $20 and it includes all materials to create an array of different projects, as well as snacks and drinks. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Amy K. (owner of the Pink Attic Cat) at 303-797-4474.
My plan was to only create a few examples of what can be created during this Create class. I am in the middle of data entry for Isa Creations for 2015 (I've got most of my sales receipts spreadsheets done). I am also currently working with a friend on creating a 6th grade memory book that follows this class from kindergarten through 6th grade (Amy S. and I both have kids in the 6th grade). I also work as a substitute teacher at the elementary school alongside with teaching Spanish on Wednesdays after school. My plate is full.
A few weeks ago, I put myself on a timeout. No creating for Isa Creations until my books for Isa Creations for 2015 is complete. I tried, I really did.
When I started to create just a few samples, I was creating for the Pink Attic Cat NOT Isa Creations. I guess you can say I found a loophole.
I did not realize how much I missed creating until I started to work on these samples. I was having so much fun, I did not want to stop. So as you will see, I created many samples. Tomorrow I will spend the morning with more data entry than go to the Pink Attic Cat for a few hours. I will help Amy K. all day Saturday at the Pink Attic Cat. This is me trying to find a balance between all my commitments. I have to admit, I am tired and struggling to find a balance.
So now for the fun part. I am not sure what to call my latest creations but here they are.


  1. Those are darling - what creative and artistic decorations!

  2. Wow, you really went to town! They are adorable! I hate to miss Amy's party -- had so much fun at her first one!