Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holiday Open House at the Pink Attic Cat

It's been over a month since my last blog post. I did not get selected as a juror early October so I was able to continue my substitute teacher assignment. The two week assignment turned into a 3 week and 2 day assignment. It was a challenge because unlike other assignments, I was involved in lesson planning and would usually stay after school an hour or more later than usual. This assignment gave me an appreciation of how hard teachers work. My hats off to our teachers!

This assignment created stress for me because it delayed the creation of my new holiday (Christmas) inventory. I have felt bad I have had to turn down other substitute teacher assignments since because I continue to feel behind in creating new inventory for upcoming holiday markets.

The week of the Pink Attic Cat's Holiday Open House, I was at the shop helping my friend Amy get her shop ready. I am one of several "elfs" who help get the store ready for the Open House. I did manage to create new items. A sampling of Isa Creations Christmas is now available at the Pink a Attic Cat.

The open House was this past Friday and Saturday- November 4th and 5th.

I love being a part of this event. The Pink Attic Cat is the place for the largest selection of Truly Vintage Christmas. The collection is lovingly curated by Amy, owner of Pink Attic Cat.

Here are just a few highlights. This year's theme is Merry and Bright.

The first 25 customers on a Friday received a free gift. We worked on these houses for two evenings. The second night I got home at 2:30 am! These gifts were a labor of love. Inside these Pink Attic shop/building was a container of fudge. We used my Papertreyink dies.

The following photos are highlights of the new Isa Creations Christmas items. This year I have created many items using more truly vintage Christmas elements plus lots of wood slices as a base. I have lots of photos of my new items on a Instagram - IsaCreationsVintage.

I continue to create more items. More details to follow -

Holiday Markets

Sugar Plum Bazaar

Horseshoe Holiday Market

A Paris Street Christmas Market- Rue de Noel


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