Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elk, Cafe con Leche Catering Food Truck & Mother's Day Card

Today was one of those days that will be special to our family.  We reflected on this today and realized it all happened because one thing led to another.  This Saturday started like any other in the spring...attending Alex's soccer game.  Today was actually his first game of the season.  On the way home, we saw something we have never seen in our neighborhood....ELK!  They were walking along the same path Alex and I take most afternoons on our way home from school.  Since we had come from Alex's soccer game, I had my camera (along with the zoom lens); otherwise, I would not of been able to capture these pictures.

 Throughout the afternoon, we wondered what became of the Elk.  So, David and the kids made a point to watch the 5:00 p.m. local news in case these Elk made the news....they did not.  However, something else did.

My family loves to watch many shows on the Food Network.  Among them is The Great Food Truck Race ...we faithfully watched the first season and said, "if the food trucks ever come to Denver, we should try out their food."  My family is pretty adventurous when it comes to food, so we knew we would try just about anything.

Our local news reported Food Network was in town....filming The Great Food Truck Race!!  Fifteen minutes later, we were on our way to downtown Denver.  We were aware that we could get to the location and the food truck would be gone, but we had to try...just had to.  The food truck was there and we were greeted by a very friendly lady who took our order for some delicious Cuban cuisine.    She was very appreciative we came to her food truck after we had seen the report on our local news.  Laura was interviewed as the Food Network filmed (I signed some waivers...we will have to wait to see if Laura's interview makes it on the show).

This was very exciting for all of us!  Once we got our food, we walked a few block to the South Platte River bank and enjoyed an impromptu family picnic.  It was certainly a memorable Saturday evening.   So, soccer game led to sighting of Elk, which led to    Cafe con Leche's Catering  (Coffee with Milk) Food Truck.

This past week, I made some Mother's Day cards (for my mom and my mother in law) and  I finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets; however, I will post a picture next week since my hubby needs to add the hardware and attach the cabinet doors.    The greeting for my mom's card is in Spanish...she received her card today and loved it!

The dress-forms remind me of my mom because my mom is an amazing seamstress.  While I was growing up, my mom created wonderful wedding and formal (prom) dresses.  Brides would come to her with a picture from the bridal magazines requesting a certain mom would only take measurements of the girls/ladies then  just cut the fabric (without a pattern), hand-sew beads/pearls/sequence onto lace.  The wedding dresses my mom created were made with love and attention to every detail.  I remember the joy my mom's work gave to so many women whose wedding dress she created...including many of my friends, cousins, my sister and myself.

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