Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Mostly DIY Kitchen Remodel...almost done...90%?

Our kitchen remodel is ALMOST done.  We or I should say hubby (he will do the install) need to figure out the back-splash.  Initially, our plan was to use a faux bronze metal tiles but now, we are not sure sure.  We may just go with some sort of decorative tile.  

This has been huge project but so far we are happy with the results:  

 Here is a picture of our original kitchen cabinets.  The kitchen was definitely dated, dark and a little depressing when we moved in almost 5 years ago.   First, I added texture to the walls and added a golden yellow glaze.  Next, we hired someone to install our new granite's black with speckles of bronze...a huge upgrade from the white Formica counter tops! All of our appliances are now black...we purchased a new black refrigerator.  Then, perhaps the most taxing on me...paint the kitchen cabinets....lots of cabinets!

After I cleaned the cabinets and removed all the hardware, I applied TWO coats of an oil base primer.  Then one coat of an oil base enamel paint...a cream color:
 The final step was to apply the glaze to the cabinets.  I used the same glaze I used on the walls.  It definitely gave the cabinets a more antique finish.   The glaze gives the cabinets a more golden yellow look, although the pictures came out lighter than they really are.  The first picture is a more accurate color of all the kitchen cabinets.
 Oh, we also purchased  new unfinished cabinets for the island with the nice pull out drawers.  The old island cabinet was placed where the old kitchen desk cabinet was (next to the refrigerator).  This gave me more storage space since the desk in the breakfast area was not effectively utilized. 
 The hardware...we found the style we wanted but not the color.  In this household, that is not be a problem.  I just painted them black then rubbed copper color to bring out the details of the hardware.  We are happy with the results.   Once the kitchen is completely done, I will post pictures but that may be a while.  I need a break from all this remodeling and the kids will be home from school in a week! Besides, it may take us a while to figure out what we will do with the back-splash and for hubby to install  the new black light fixtures.

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