Thursday, July 7, 2011

Albuquerque Botanical Gardens & Zoo

The kids and I are finally in El Paso at my sister's house, we all arrived last night.  This morning the house is very quiet  Everyone sleeping in....except for my son Alex.  He is an early riser!  So he and I have been working on his reading skill while everyone else sleeps. 

After arriving in Albuquerque on Tueday early afternoon, we were very happy to see my parents and sister (and her family).  We spent most of the afternoon  in Old Town shopping.  Just as we were leaving for Old Town, Alex lost another baby tooth...he was very happy the tooth fairy found him at the hotel!

Wednesday we spent the day at Albuquerque's Botanical Gardens and Zoo.  Aside from spending time with my family, my favorite part of the day was the flowers and butterflies!  I could of stayed in the butterfly pavillion and skipped the zoo but  that was not an option.  I just loved watching the butterflies fly and land on beautiful flowers.  Here are some highlights:

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