Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Road Trip to visit our Extended Family

Today, the kids and I are on the road to El Paso, Texas...although tonight we will be spending the night in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The special treat is that my sister (and her family) and my parents will be meeting us in Albuquerque!  We will all spend the day in Albuquerque (Wednesday) then drive to El Paso later that evening.  We have not seen each other in a year, so the kids and I are excited to see them tonight.  

Several years ago, I started a little tradition of giving my sister Gaby a scrapbook for her Birthday.  Her birthday was June 24th.  Every year I create a different style or type of scrapbook.  This year, it's 100% digital.  All the photos were taken during our visit to El Paso last year...July 2010. 
My kids and I are  thankful we have been able to make this annual trip for the last 13 years or so...we have not missed a year!  I am so grateful for my parents and appreciate them more and more each year. I love to see how my kids renew their bonds with their grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncles.  Although we live miles away from them, these two weeks we spend every year are truly priceless to all of us.

This is the digital cover to my sister's album....my parents take center stage since they really are the heart and soul of our family!

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