Thursday, December 1, 2011

Felted Wool Handbags - Many New Designs!

I have been so busy sewing, I have not had  time to post pictures of many of my new items.  Today I am posting pictures of my new handbags.  I will have some of them available this coming Saturday at my last craft show of the season at Bear Creek High School.  Here is the info:

                             Bear Creek High School Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair
                                              Saturday, December 3, 2011
                                                      9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

                                                9800 W. Dartmouth P.
                                         (N. of Hampden, E. of Kipling)
                                                       $2 Admission

Get ready for LOTS of pictures.  Originally, I planned on posting one handbag a day but that was a week and half ago.  We will be leaving for our family Disney Vacation this Sunday (very early) excited!  So, I decided to post pictures of all my new handbags in one posting.  I have also had my Etsy shop on vacation mode for a lot longer than I expected (I need to update my shop notice).  I have sold many of the handbags, bookmarks and large  rose pins on my Etsy shop at craft shows.  I will need to update the shop when I re-open it.  Now, I realize, I will probably have it on vacation mode through the end of December with our Disney vacation coming up and the Christmas Holiday.  So, whatever handbags don't sell at the Bear Creek Craft show or become Christmas gifts, I will post on my Etsy shop in January 2012.  

One more thing, all the felt was originally wool sweaters purchased at my local thrift store.  All the vintage buttons, earrings (bling), crochet flowers and lace came from local estate sales.  I love incorporating all my vintage finds into my handbags and other things I make.   

Butterflies and Dress-forms have been my inspiration this season!

Fabric lining...My Minds Eye, one of my favorite paper companies is now selling their designs on fabric...this is one of them. 

A great use of felt scraps....lots and lots of little butterflies!

Festive fabric lining

My sister Gaby took this one home with her.  She picked out all of her Christmas gifts

Glass Button with gold flowers.

One of my personal favorites...sold it at Sugar Plum Bazaar to one of the other vendors

Love that vintage button...this was the perfect handbag for it.

Crochet flower and rhinestone  button ...vintage finds

Love fabrics with text or script

Love these type of vintage happy when I find them at Estate Sales!

My attempt at a Mix-Media look...wool roving and felted needle used.

Lining for Butterfly Tree Purse

Vintage Earring

Lining for Black & White Dress-Form Purse

Large Vintage Glass Button

Fabric Lining

Lining for handbag

Script Fabric Lining

Finished it late at night just before Sugar Plum Bazaar...only photo taken at the Bazaar

I am hoping to do another posting before we leave for Disney with photos of all my new scarves.  Plus, I have been working on some other fun projects this week....Christmas gifts!

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