Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

These last few weeks have been a blur.  I have been so busy sewing felted wool scarves and handbags.  Last weekend, Staci and I had a great experience at the Sugar Plum Bazaar.  We sold lots of our felted good items and best of all, we got to met lots of friendly customers and learned from many experienced vendors.  Now I have my eye on a smart phone and a little device called Square which will process credit card sales.  I was using the old dinosaur processing machine with the paper credit card charge slips...remember those?  Well, due to cost and the fact that our craft sales have been from October through December, that is what I have been using to process credit card sales.  But, not next year!  I had never felt I needed a smartphone since all I do with my phone is make/receive calls and text (97% of those text are with my teenage daughter Laura) but now, I need it...I want it.  After spending an hour on Saturday and Sunday, calling in the credit card slips I am definitively ready for a change.

My sister Gaby and her two boys, Tony and Santos arrived Monday morning from El Paso, TX.  They will be spending the week with us.  I am so grateful they made the trip and have chosen to spend it with us because this is going to be an especially difficult holiday for them.  Unfortunately, they have been and will continue to experience many "first times" without Robert.  We all miss him dearly.   Robert's thanksgiving tradition was on Wednesday (today) he would bake  like a thousand pumpkin pies.  Robert baked pumpkin pies for all his brothers and sisters and made a special diabetic version for my mom.  He baked and delivered all the pies!  Everyone will be missing him and his pies this year.  In honor of him, today we will bake pumpkin pies in my kitchen.   Unfortunately, since we are in Colorado and Robert's extended family is in El Paso (including my parents), they will not get the pies the kids and Gaby make....but we will. 

I am so grateful for my family and all the blessing we have (which are many) but this year does come with a bit of sadness.   Together, at our thanksgiving meal, we will all remember Robert....his place in our hearts will always be there.

Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Pillow by Staci Alsop

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