Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CreativiTea Craft Show

Setting up for the CreativitTea Craft Show took some creativity on our parts since Staci and I were sharing two 8 x 5 spaces.  Thankfully, we requested double booths (next to one another) so we were able to share the space in between both "booth spaces."  This was a different type of show for us as the there was a central checkout and it was a 2 day show.  We just had to make sure all of our items were properly tagged with a vendor number and amount.  For the first time since we have done craft shows together, we don't know exactly how much of our items we sold.  We have an idea but it's difficult to know when customers don't pay you for the items in your booth.  Overall, we had a good experience.  The ladies organizing the show were very friendly and took excellent care of all their vendors...they provided breakfast, an assortment of drinks and even lunch.  Staci and I look forward to returning to this juried show next year. 

 I took lots of pictures of our booths.  We have worked very hard to create many one of a kind up-cycled items created from felted wool, paper, vintage linens and fabric.  This year, many of my items and designs revolve around butterflies.
Isabel's Butterfly Design Handbags
Isabel's Large Felted Wool Rose Pins
Isabel's Paper Butterfly Garlands wrapped in a Wooden Thread Spool

Isabel's Butterfly Rings and Flower Rings

Isabel's Atlas Paper Butterfly Magnets (several designs and sizes)

Isabel's Vintage Paper Flower Magnets (several styles & sizes)
Isabel's Felted Wool Medium Size Pins
Isabel's Vintage Linen Pin Cushions in a small Ceramic Bowl and Silver German Glass Glitter

Isabel's Text & Music Butterfly Magnets
Isabel's Vintage Linen Stuffed Birds

Isabel's small Felted Wool Butterfly Magnets

Isabel's Felted Wool Butterfly & Flower Bookmarks

Isabel Vintage Linen Dress-form Pin Cushions/Decorative

Isabel's Felted Wool Large Butterfly Pins (small butterfly magnets)

Staci also likes to create up-cycled items from felted wool, indoor/outdoor canvas, fabric, thread-spools and paint.  Here are pictures of her items:

Staci's Thread-spool mini trees and Snowman Bookmark

Staci's Thread-spool  Christmas Ornaments

Staci's Felted Wool Flower Bookmarks using rulers as the base

Staci's Felted Wool Wrist-lets or Coffee Mug Holders

Staci...more Wrist-lets or Coffee Mug Holders

Staci's Rosette Pins

Staci's painted Canvas Pillow and Wrist-let's/Coffee Mug Holders

Staci's Felted Wool Mittens

Staci's Felted Wool Scarves

Staci's Felted Wool Ear Warmers

Staci's Felted Wool Handbags/Totes and Canvas Pillows
Staci's Indoor/Outdoor Hand-Painted Decorative Pillows

Staci's painted Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Decorative Pillows

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