Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

Halloween night was fun and busy.  This past weekend was extremely busy but fun.  Staci and I participated in the CreativiTea Craft show on Friday and Saturday (my next post will have lots of pictures).  While I was at the craft show, our friend Lisa gave David and Alex a ride to Columbine High School's Trick or Treat Street.  Sophie was at the event in a pretty princess costume (Columbine POMS)...I love the picture David took of Sophie with Alex.  After I was done packing up at the craft show I joined my family at our neighbor's home.  Amy had her annual pumpkin carving party.  I missed part of it but arrived just in time to take pictures of the group with their carved pumpkins and stayed late into the night...enjoyed lots of sweet treats and hot chocolate.  Laura and Alex did a great job with their carved pumpkins and enjoyed all the games and treats.
While we stayed at Amy's pumpkin carving party, Laura went to a Halloween costume party at her friend Hannah's home. 

  Sunday was busy...no rest for me!  I decorated Halloween cupcakes for Alex's 2nd grade class party.   I dropped off my craft inventory at Kristi's home.  Staci and I will be participating at Kristi's Home Craft Show this Friday and Saturday.

  Monday, Halloween, was just as busy.  Alex had a great time at the school party and loved his Darth Vader costume.  During the school costume parade, Alex loved to use the voice box that came with the costume.  Laura was a very cute wolf.  She originally wanted to be Red Riding Hood but did not like the costume she found....she switched and decided to become the wolf instead.   Although Laura is now in 9th grade, I guess it was not a surprise she organized a group of 5 friends to meet at our home so they could all go trick or treating together.  I am happy Laura continues to go trick or treating...she is just growing up too fast! 

Alex aka Darth Vader with his carved pumpkin...100% done by Alex

Laura's carved pumpkin...also 100% carved by Laura
Halloween Night...Darth is ready!

Halloween cupcakes...made for all the 2nd Graders in Alex's class

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