Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Creative Path

Painting is the first medium I explored in my 20s which made me realize being creative was therapeutic for me.  Embracing the creativity in me feeds my soul...I have always known that.   I love to create items with my hands.  I took many Tole painting classes in the 90s.  I even had my work schedule changed so I would have an alternative work schedule which allowed me to take off most Fridays.  I did not mind working 10 hour days if it meant I could have the Friday to paint!  After my daughter Laura was born and I became a stay at home mom, I continued painting but  discovered scrapbooking.  With limited creative hours, I spent more time scrapbooking and less time painting.  The mediums I have explored over the years have been many and have introduced me to many creative people.  These days, most of my creative time is spent with up-cycling felted wool sweaters and vintage finds like embroidered linens.  Many of the items I create using felted wool and vintage finds have been to sell at the craft shows and my Etsy shop (which I really need to make time to properly update).   I also create many things just for me or my friends/family.

One of the things I learned when I took Kelly Rae Roberts e-course, Flying Lessons  Tips and Tricks to HelpYour Creative Business Soar was to make items I truly love.  Don't over-think the process of whether the item I am creating to sell will in fact sell.  Will people like it?  I realized I was second guessing myself.   I think the most important lesson I learned from that e-course is to create what I true to myself.  Every item I create with the intention to sell is created exactly the same way I create items for me or my friends and family.  I love listening to music when I create.  I don't like to work in silence...I have to have music.  It's an essential ingredient in my creative process.   I am so grateful my little studio is in the basement of my home because I can enjoy listening to my music as I create late into the night.  Although, many nights I have stayed up late "working" on many items for my little business, it does not feel like work at all.

Staying focused is sometimes an issue for me.  I have more projects in my mind than time.  Sometimes, I have to make time to work on other projects just for me.  I struggle with allowing myself that time. One of the things I like to do just for me is working on mix media projects.

Mix media gives me the freedom to explore and just play.  I can combine my love of paper, fabric, lace, stencils and of course, paints!  One of my favorite classes was the She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson I took last year.  This is what I created...for me.

Mix media artists who have inspired me have been Christy Tomlinson, Donna Downey, Kelly Rae Roberts and Julie Nutting.  One of the instructors I was introduced at Christy Tomlinson's, the 12 Arsty Ornaments of Christmas e-course was Jeanne Oliver.  When I visited her blog, I was immediately drawn to the e-course she was offering.

The e-course started this last Monday, January 9th (although registration will remain open through January 16th).   I highly recommend this course.  It's is so much more than just tutorials on how to create a vintage or altered journal (week 1).  It is inspirational and has touched my creative soul.   After I finish my current paper garland/dress and vintage hankie origami dresses (because it currently occupies all the space on my table)  I plan on creating various mix media projects.  I have started little piles of papers and elements to use in my vintage journal I plan to create. I am so glad I am taking this 4 week e-course...

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