Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Hankie and Paper Origami Dresses

This past week has been a very productive week - creatively, that is.  My house chores have been somewhat neglected but I guess that's okay, right?   I have been inspired to create many things thanks to two on-line courses I am taking.

The first one, Creatively Made with Jeanne Oliver.  This was week 2 of 4.   Absolutely loved it and inspired to create mix media projects.  I am currently gathering my supplies and even purchasing a few things to create those projects.

AND  Margie Romney-Aslett  started her one week (3 Classes) course.  Margie is truly an inspiration.  The ease with which she teaches and her humor are wonderful.  As a scrapbook collector, I actually have many of the things I needed to complete these projects on hand.  Although ,I did purchase a few things like paper lanterns and  foam bases for wreaths.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

Before I started to work on the projects from Spark the Event Online-Love,Love,Love, I created more Vintage Hankie and Paper Origami Dresses.    Here are a few pictures:

Papers from My Minds Eye - Lost & Found Collections 

Vintage Hankies with Vintage Buttons -- Just need to sew on the Hangers

To display my Vintage Hankie Dresses (at craft sales -- planning ahead!), I created a Vintage Crochet Garland.  This past December, I took Margie Romney-Aslett's Spark Your Christmas  (you can still sign up for Margie's e-courses) e-course.  In that course, Margie created many type of garlands, including a Vintage Crochet Garland.  Here is my version:


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  1. The use of paper seems to be limitless. It can be used for research papers, files, documents and even in arts like these paper dresses. I think I'll need to invent my paper art as well using some a4 paper size that I have at home.