Monday, September 16, 2013

Isa Creations at 2 Places this Weekend!

This coming weekend will be busier that usual for me (Isa Creations).

First of all, the Checkered Corner will be open this weekend.  It is located at 5650 S. Curtice Street in historic downtown Littleton.   Check the link for more details on times.  You will find my usual items in the upstairs bedroom, along with a small sampling of new Vintage Inspired Halloween items. 

While Anita and Patrice are taking care of customers at the Checkered Corner, I will be a few blocks away at Amy's, The Pink Attic Cat.

The Pink Attic Cat will be having a special Halloween and Autumn Warehouse Sale directly behind the shop.   The Pink Attic Cat is  located at 2555 W. Alamo Ave, historic downtown Littleton.   Amy asked me to join her at her warehouse sale.  Since we both love Halloween, I will setup my canopy near I will have my items displayed within her warehouse. . I will only have Halloween & Fall Color items at The Pink Attic Cat's sale.

I hope you can come by both the Checkered Corner and Pink Attic Cat's...they are only a few blocks away from each other.

I have had a productive last week.  I am hoping to have some cute felted wool Bat pins along with more felted wool Witch hat pins.  I really love working with mix media and hope to have more mix media projects done by Friday.

Here are my newest items..most just completed over the weekend.

Hand-dyed vintage crochet/lace tablecloths...literally have 3 more in green dye as I type this.
Felted Wool With hats...only have 3 completed

So far my absolute working with Mix Media.  Honestly, if these don't sell I will be perfectly fine with that.  I just have to make myself take them to the Pink Attic Cat's Warehouse sale this Saturday.  I think these are 12 x 16 Canvases.

Will have these at The Pink Attic Cat this Saturday...

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