Monday, September 30, 2013

Haute Handbags Autumn 2013 ... My work got Published!

I am very happy to share the news that my Mix Media Inspired bags were published by

Autumn 2013

Here is the cover:

 Here are "my" pages ... 6 in total!  It is always an honor when I am asked to write an article about my work.  This issue is definitely, one of my favorites.

These mix media bags were inspired by two of my favorite artists...Christy Tomlinson and Jeanne Oliver.  I have taken most of their on-line classes.  Love how these classes inspire and teach so much.

These style mix media bags are available at my Etsy shop,

I am working on vintage pumpkins for A Paris Street Market, this Saturday.  I hope to take pictures and post them on the blog later this week.

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