Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vintage Inspired Pumpkins! Many Sizes... and A Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove this Saturday!

These past 2 weeks have been busy.  I worked two days as a substitute para in the Kindergarten class.  I also created many Vintage Inspired Pumpkins.

These pumpkins really took a toll on me.  I can handle staying up late at night working on my pumpkins, but one aspect of these pumpkins had a severe side-effect.

On Sunday, after spending some time hand-cutting the wood stems I gathered at the creek near our home, I developed a severe case of allergies.  I had  a sleepless night (I was out of my allergy medicine).  Monday morning, as soon as I dropped my son Alex off at school, I went straight to my local Walgreens for my allergy medicine.

Usually, my allergy medicine takes care of the runny nose and itching/watery eyes....not this time.  Monday I was pretty miserable ALL DAY.... I got little to no relief from the medicine.  Finally, Monday night I was able to sleep.

Unfortunately, I was not done with the pumpkins.  My husband wanted me to wear gloves when I handled my pumpkins.  Makes perfect sense but I can't work with gloves.  So, after taking many breaks and washing my hands regularly, I finished my pumpkins.

I am happy with the results.  They are a combination of vintage and new materials.

White Chenille with crochet doilies
Orange Hand-dyed Chenille with Hand-dyed doilies 
Vintage Lace Tablecloth hand-dyed Orange with hand-dyed doilies

New Materials:
White/Cream Velvet
Orange Velvet
Halloween theme lace (Spiderweb/Bat) Fabrics

This is just a sampling of the pumpkins.  I counted them earlier tonight as I was adding the price tags...I created 83 Pumpkins!  Perhaps that explains why I had such a bad allergic reaction to whatever was in those sticks I used for the pumpkin stems.

My friend Staci helped me out last week when I was struggling with the decorative elements.  I was playing with some green tulle but I was not really happy with it.  Staci suggested using raffia and curly sticks.  Seems obvious now but it did not occur to me at the time.  Thanks Staci!

These pumpkins will be available this Saturday, at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove, Littleton, CO. from 8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Hand-Dyed Vintage Lace tablecloth.

I have also created Halloween Witch Felted Wool Hat Pins.  They will also be available this Saturday at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove.

Hand-dyed orange vintage lace added, along with some vintage bling.

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