Monday, June 16, 2014

Old Glory Antiques Fair - Isa Creations Vintage Booth

I guess I can work under pressure because last week I manage to create many new items  for  Old Glory Antiques Fair.  Before I post pictures, first thing I want to say:

Many thanks to many people

My dear friend and business mentor = Amy Kozdron (formerly Doherty),

Without Amy I would not of had the confidence to even apply 

Thanks to Amy, I got a spot next to her (Pink Attic Cat) 
next to a big tree which
provided a wonderful afternoon shade

My dear friend Lisa Iannacito
She came to help me all day Friday and Saturday
Each morning she sent me a text
"what do you want for breakfast?"
My response:
"surprise me"
She knows me so well
Breakfast was Delicious!

My customers at Old Glory
I appreciate your kind words
Thank you for liking what I do

A great group of people
Thanks for the vendor dinner
my entire family enjoyed it

I may have another wholesale or consignment 
opportunity  as a result of being a vendor
at Old Glory Antiques Fair!
I will have more details later,
Isa Creations is now at SEWN
18 Broadway, Denver
(This opportunity came from being a vendor at
Horseshoe Market a month ago)

Many hours of labor and dedication go into Old Glory Antique Fair, from the organizers to the vendors.  Although it was hard work, I enjoyed the experience.  Especially to hang out with my friends Thursday (during setup), Friday and Saturday.   Not only did I get to spend time with Amy and Lisa, I also got to spend time with Tracy and Paulette ( of The Pink Attic Cat).

Although Old Glory Antiques Fair unofficially ended about an hour earlier due to a wicked rain storm that included some hail, thankfully I was prepared and none of my items got wet!  Again, I owe thanks to my friend Amy who told me that at some point during this fair, for years now, it rains at one time or another.   The weather forecast, sadly, was correct.  As soon as the clouds came Lisa and I prepared my "clear rain covers", so when the rain came we were covered....literally!

Now the pictures from my booth, Isa Creations Vintage.  I posted pictures on my Facebook page on Friday and Saturday.

 A big thanks to the customer who purchased one of my original mix media canvases.  This was the first show I have had these large mix media canvases available for sale and was humbled that someone actually paid the asking price (didn't think anyone would be willing to pay  "my price").  I am a believer.... if you can Dream it, you can Do it -Walt Disney

My vintage embroidered  linen pin cushions
  along with my vintage embroidered linen birds

 and my altered vintage dress pattern dominoes pendants.  
for the record, All my original ideas
My best seller...My Vintage Embroidered Pin Cushions!!
  I painted many suitcases this past week using Annie Sloan Chalk-paint and added stenciling details. 

 The altered globe and a red suitcase and house pillow sold early Friday...

Altered 3 tier wood organizer....SOLD 

 Creating a clutch handbag 
with Vintage Embroidered Linens...
again, another original idea of mine. 
 If all goes as planned, 5 of my vintage embroidered linen clutch bags will be published in the Fall 2014 issue of Haute Handbags (I submitted the article on what inspired my latest creation last week).
 Needlepoint clock.  I painted the wood frame with Annie Sloan Chalk-paint.
Chandeliers with an assortment of lace and doilies.   Inspired by Pinterest...

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