Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Will be working very hard...

Where did the time go?  It seems like I have been too busy with working and volunteering at the school during a good portion of May, I have had no time to create so many items I wanted to get done.  Dealing with a hacking cough leftover from a Spring cold has not helped either!

I have been working very hard to catch up.  Feeling a bit behind and overwhelmed at the moment.  In fact, I had promised Alex and his friends to take them to the pool today.  I really just wanted to bail and say NO.  But, I know how much Alex wanted this time at the pool with his friends.  So, I took my work with me to the pool.   I worked on stuffing my vintage embroidered linen pin cushions this afternoon at the pool.  Pin cushions are my bread and butter.  Since I sold most of the new ones I created at the  Horseshoe market, I have to re-replenish my pin cushion inventory for  A Paris Street Market and next weeks Old Glory Antiques Fair.

So here is the info on both upcoming markets, hope to see you there!


Here is a map for Old Glory Antiques Fair:
Visit the Tumblr page for Old Glory Antiques Fair here.  Visit the Facebook page for Old Glory Antiques Fair here.

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