Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Texas Tour, Part II

Part II continues with our arrival on July 8th to Corpus Christi, TX.  That afternoon, we took a boat ride and visited the USS Lexington.  That evening we arrived at San Padre Island where we rented a really nice condo near the beach.  We spend the next couple of days playing & swimming at the beach and fishing at the pier.

Corpus Christi, TX

Time at the beach... We spend a wonderful day at the Padre Island National Seashore (A National Park) on Wednesday, July 9th.   Since this is a National Park, other than a visitors center, there is no commercial development allowed.  It felt like we had the beach to ourselves...although we did share it with some of the locals.


Thankfully, since this is a drive on beach, you are allowed to drive your car to your chosen spot.  It was an overcast day, which was perfect because it did not rain. Alex loved to play with the sand.  Laura loved collecting seashells.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the beach.

 Alex left his blue bucket out while he swam in the ocean with David and Laura.

While most of the Wagner's enjoyed playing in the water, (including playing with giant water guns)  I enjoyed reading the newest Outlander book released just weeks before, Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Galbadon.  I started the book in Austin and finished it a day before we returned home. LOVED the book!

 I also took time to walk in the sand dunes where to my surprise, I found some pretty flowers...

The three little dots in the water on the left side of this photo is my family, swimming in the ocean. 

That evening, David and the kids enjoyed pier fishing.  It was a fun and successful evening.  Laura caught 1, Alex 1 and David 2.  We left the pier close to midnight, many fishermen remained. Yes, this pier is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The kids and David returned all their fish back to the sea.

The next morning,

on July 10th (Thursday), we went from Padre Island to Rockport, TX.  David fondly remembers several trips he took with his dad to Rockport to fish at the pier.   David wanted to share this experience with his kids.  Laura and Alex loved it.  It was heartwarming to share memories of his dad in this way.

Thursday evening in Rockport, we enjoyed a leisurely walk on the beach as we collected seashells after a storm came through.  Many of the palm trees grow this way.

Friday morning, pier fishing in Rockport, TX.

Laura loved fishing so much, she asked for her own tackle box filled with fishing gear for her 17th Birthday on July 21st.  David was very happy to provide her with this gift. 
Laura's biggest fish, caught in Rockport, TX on the morning of July 11th.  The fish was returned to the sea. 

We left Rockport late morning  on Friday and continued our road trip to our former home city, Houston,TX.

We had lunch with one of Laura's friends, Emily and my friend, her mom Hillary.  Laura and Emily were inseparable when they were little girls  having many sleepovers. It was heartwarming to hear them talk about their upcoming senior years in High School and attending College in a year. 

After lunch we went to Alan and Tina's home where we spent the entire weekend.  Spending time with them and their kids (Zach and Jayme) is a favorite of our family.  Both of our families love spending time together, they are like family to all of us.

On Monday morning, July 14th we resumed our road trip to Waco, TX where Laura had a self guided tour by a Baylor Alumni, her dad David.  Laura's dream university is Baylor University in Waco, TX. A great school but also a private school with a steep tuition.  Although Baylor University is Laura's #1 college choice, she is considering CU and CSU in Colorado.  We toured both Colorado universities this past Monday and Friday along with her friend Sophie.

Late afternoon on July 14th we started our way back home.  It was a long road trip which thankfully ended on the evening of July 15th with all of us safe and sound back home.

I thanked God for our safe and wonderful road trip, or as I call it, Our Texas Tour.
The last few weeks, I have spent relaxing with the kids at home. Celebrated Laura's 17th birthday with an impromptu candy apple bar party with a few of her friends.  We enjoyed the El Paso County Fair, especially the demolition derby. 

Although I am taking time off and was not a vendor at A Paris Street Market (August), I enjoyed shopping at A Paris Street Market on August 2nd.  It was fun to go to A Paris Street Market with my dear friend Amy (Pink Attic Cat) and her mom Paulette.

We  have toured 3 colleges in Colorado.  I spent time on Pinterest and was inspired to create a new item....more on that on tomorrow's posting.


  1. My daughter Carolyn went to Baylor; although it was before they redid a lot of the buildings and updated the dorms. She did get a great education.

    1. Baylor University is a great school. My daughter feel in love with the campus. This coming year will be a big year for her, many decisions to be made.