Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Texas Tour, Part I

My last blog post was June 20th!  It has been a while.  Much has happened since then.

The day after my last blog post, the kids and I started our road trip.  I call it, "Our Texas Tour."

Usually, when we travel to Texas it's either West Texas or Central & East Texas, but never both....until this summer.

June 21st  kids and I traveled to Albuquerque, NM.  We enjoyed  a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant in Albuquerque, Sadie's.  We had not been there in 2 years.  We were there with my parents, my sister, her husband Robert and their 2 boys, June 2012.  It was bittersweet to be at Sadie's, only a few tables away from where we all sat together 2 years earlier.  Sadly, 3 months later Robert suddenly died.  The kids and I reminisced about silly uncle Robert during dinner.  We continue to miss him and remember him with much love.

The next day on June 22nd, we arrived in El Paso, TX.  We love spending time with my family.  Celebrated my sister's birthday, watched lots of movies (at home and at the movie theater), went to a baseball game, shopped in downtown El Paso, Western Playland amusement park and visited with many old friends and relatives.  The kids and I wanted to stay longer but this year our normal 2 week visit was cut short to only 9 days because instead of heading home north, we headed east.

On July 1st, the kids and I continued our road trip to Austin, TX.  David, flew from Denver to Austin that same day.  That evening, we were all at David's mom's home.  We spend the next couple of days spending time with David's brother and his family and of course, his mom.  We even spent a day enjoying popular Austin tourist attractions.  David's mom joined us as we visited the Texas History Museum and walked through the grounds at the State Capitol.

 Museum of Texas History

Texas State Capitol

My favorite, butterflies on the grounds of the State Capitol in Austin, TX

Inside the Texas State Capitol

On Saturday, July 5th we left Austin and traveled to San Antonio, TX to June's home.  I have missed my dear friend who is like a sister.  We loved spending time with June and her husband David.  On Monday morning, we all had breakfast with another dear friend, Cindy (my former next door neighbor in Houston who now lives in San Antonio).  

After breakfast, we enjoyed some of the most popular stops in San Antonio...

The Alamo and The River Walk


 Purple is my favorite color.  LOVE this flower I found on the grounds of the Alamo. 

We enjoyed our tour of the River Walk in the water taxi.  Always find it very informative.  We also enjoyed a delicious dinner at the first River Walk restaurant, Casa Rio pictured below with it's colorful signature umbrellas.  We enjoyed eating outside under the colorful umbrella, right next to the river.

 On Tuesday, July 8th we left San Antonio and were back on the road to Corpus Christi, TX....the beach!!  Part II of Our Texas Tour will continue with Corpus Christi.

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