Monday, August 11, 2014

Houses....Coin Purse and/or Ear Bud Case

Usually after a long trip, especially our 3+ week trip to Texas, I come home feeling exhausted.  It takes me days to feel like myself again.  Over the years, I realize it's an emotional exhaustion rather than physical.  I think it's because although I love living in Colorado and have many great friends in Colorado, I realize a part of me and my heart remains in Texas with family and friends.

Therefore, it is not a big surprise that my creativity takes time to come back to me.  This year, my creativity initially returned slowly but thanks to Pinterest returned in  a big surge of creativity.   An idea started to take root in my head.  Then it grew and took a life of it's own.  There is no other way to explain it or describe it.


Perhaps it was spending time with everyone in Texas that inspired my newest creation.  Realizing that no matter what, Texas will always be home.  Although I don't expect I will return to live in Texas, people close and dear in my heart live in Texas.    In my heart, I have homes in two different states.

Colorado and Texas

Maybe that is why I am so drawn to creating with the theme of houses.  I have created paper houses (Christmas), mix media with houses on canvas and paper mache (Halloween/Christmas), felted wool house ornaments (Christmas) and  mix media inspired Nook/iPad lined zippered bags.

This time, I have created fabric houses that are small.  They are coin purses where a credit card will fit inside along with cash and coins.  Or, you can use them to put your iPod ear buds inside.

My materials are a combination of vintage and new.  Most, if not all, are unique and one of a kind. 
I have created many combinations of colors and even a few Halloween theme homes.

I have many completed but many, many more still to complete.  This surge of creativity is something I enjoy.  Although my studio is currently messy and unorganized, it's also when my productivity is high.   It is for this reason I had not blogged since our return from our trip to Texas (July 15th).

I decided it was time to take a break from sewing and blog about our trip and my newest creation.  I will return to A Paris Street Market on September 6th with many new items.  Including another item I have been working on almost at the same time as the houses, but more on that later, maybe next week.

Vintage purple chenille bedspread, crochet lace and embroidered flowers all re-purposed to create a one of a kind house coin purse.
 Each home had a rhinestone button as a door knob.  Most have a heart stitched as a door plate.
 The zipper is on the back.  These little homes are fully lined with coordinating cotton fabric.  The ring and clasp will be made available to everyone in case they want to attach it to a key chain or a pair of jeans.  You can keep your iPod ear buds safely inside this house.
A black and white chenille makes a perfect brick like background.
  You can slip a credit card inside, along with some cash and coins.
These home coin purses were created using a tattered vintage quilt along with many vintage and new trims. 

The window in this home is from a vintage hankie with many holes.  I was able to salve the delicate embroidery and use it as a window on this house.

More homes in tomorrow's blog posting.

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