Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vintage Christmas Cloches by Isa Creations

With Sugar Plum Bazaar being less than a week away, I have been busy finishing many items in progress.  Among them are my new Vintage Christmas Cloches. This morning I am happy to say, I completed 24!!

About a month ago, I found a few Honeycomb Tissue Paper ornaments at an estate sale.  I love them so much, I searched on Ebay for more.  I was lucky, not only did I find them, I won 2 of the auctions!

One set was perfect to place inside the small cloches.  The other set was a bit too tall to fit properly, but that is okay because I will be keeping those for me (one of the honeycomb tissue paper ornament has a purple hat)!

I handcrafted 6 of these cloches, purchased a set of 6 Santa Honeycomb Ornaments on Ebay

Created only 2 of these.  Found 2 of these snowman honeycomb ornaments at a recent estate sale. I have one to take to Sugar Plum and the other one is currently at Pink Attic Cat. 

I created 5 of these cloches with a tiny Vintage Japan Spun Cotton Snowmen also purchased on Ebay.

The Ball style cloches did not have a ball glass top like the the tall cloches.  I added a rhinestone ball bead on the top of the cloche.  

Purchased on Ebay.  These are a bit too tall for my cloches....I will be keeping these, especially the one with the purple hat.  My daughter loves Tiffany blue color so I will be giving her the Teal hat honeycomb snowman.
I created 4 of these sweet girl deer cloches.   I found these deer at my friend Amy's shop, Pink Attic Cat while helping her get ready for her Grand Re-opening and Holiday Open House a week ago. 

One of each of the vintage cloches featured above is now available at the Pink Attic Cat in downtown Littleton, located at 5784 S. Rapp (behind the Old Mills Restaurant).  Yesterday morning I only had those ready.  Last night I finished the rest of them, including 9 one of a kind cloches  with vintage Christmas treasure inside.   I will try to photograph and post them tomorrow.
Isa Creations Cloches and dyed bottle brush tree with tart tin base at Pink Attic Cat in downtown Littleton


  1. these are adorable. would love to make some with my grandma's small ornaments i inherited. where can i find the small cloches, if you don't mind sharing? deb

    1. The Cloches are a Melissa Frances product. You can find it on-line.

    2. thank you so much for sharing. this will be a wonderful family christmas gift and will put a smile on everyone when they see grandma's holiday ornaments. i look forward to each and every new entry on your blog. you are so talented.