Friday, February 27, 2015

Vintage Hankie Garlands...Thinking of Spring!

As we are in the midst of winter and I have started the yearly agonizing task of entering onto spreadsheets all the sales and expense data for Isa Creations (Tax Time:( ), I decided to take a small break to blog.  

Will this be the year I finally enter all this data on a monthly basis?  Unlikely.  Anyway,  I really should enter my sales data after each show because the information I get is rather interesting.  Last year my vintage embroidered pin cushions continued to sell very well but my garlands/buntings (doilies and vintage hankie) sold very well too.    Another item is my vintage dress pattern altered dominoes pendants.  Again, thank you to all my customers.  I appreciate your business.

This got me thinking.  Last Summer I took many pictures of my Vintage Hankie Garlands in my backyard.   I posted a few of those pictures on Isa Creations Facebook page but I did not posted any on my blog. That was one of those to-do postings that never got done.  Since I am tired of dealing with the snow, I thought I would post pictures from last summer. 

Post pictures of colorful items.

Thanks to my friend Amy's Mangle Iron Machine, many vintage hankies purchased and washed this past winter have now been ironed.  Many of these hankies will become Garlands (much like the ones pictured below) and I will be creating something new...

Vintage Hankie Table-runners

Although I want to start creating many new items, I will not until I have finished my books (which will take at least a few weeks since I find myself accepting substitute teacher assignments).   However, after school I work on my spreadsheets for at least a few hours.  

Isa Creations Vintage Hankie Garlands
Double sided Garlands
None of the Vintage Hankies were cut

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