Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Paris Street Market, September 5th 2015

Today is my mom's birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

I can't believe it's almost 2 weeks since A Paris Street Market, September 5th.  I worked very hard to prepare lots of new items for this market.  Among them, lots of vintage hankie scarves.   I want to thanks June's friend who purchased 8 hankie scarves just before the market!

Which brings me to my dear friend June's visit from San Antonio.  June has been traveling to visit me for years.  She visits me for my birthday!  She is like a sister.  We take care of each other... always.  This year was no different.   She was also here to help me with A Paris Street Market, especially since my market assistant (my daughter Laura) is away at college.  True friends wake up at dawn to help you!  Next month my dear friend Lisa will be waking up at dawn to help me with October's A Paris Street market!  I am so grateful for my true friends!  Thank you!  You know who you are.

Thank you June Leyendecker!  You helped me so much at the market.  We had so much fun Thursday as we enjoyed Voodoo doughnuts, found treasure at 2 estate sales and had lunch at Toast in downtown Littleton.  Friday,  more estate sale shopping then you helped me with the final preparations for A Paris Street Market.  Saturday, you were with me from start to finish.  I could not of done it without you.


 Isabel Wagner & June Leyendecker

The September market was fantastic!  Thank you to all my customers.  Among the new items I had lots of vintage pillows (most sold), many new Halloween theme garlands/banners, vintage linen garlands, bottle brush trees dyed orange, black, candy-corn colors
 and the best selling item...

Halloween Paper Houses

I love making these houses for Christmas.
Finally got around to making them for Halloween.
So glad I did.
Happy to know I am not the only one who likes them.
Sold so many Halloween houses that by the time I got around to taking photos (afternoon), my Halloween house display look pretty dismal. It's a good problem to have!

I have since worked to replenish my inventory of Halloween Paper Houses for the October A Paris Street Market and an event (TBA) with my other true friend, Amy Kozdron of the Pink Attic Cat.
The new houses are created using the new Halloween papers from some of my favorite scrapbook paper companies which I ordered shortly after September's A Paris Street Market.

I normally take pictures of my booth in the morning but we were so busy, it wasn't until the afternoon when I took pictures.  By then lots had already been sold.  I kept re-hanging my garlands/buntings to replace those sold.  Again, a good problem to have.  The sun was also bright, so many of the photos are rather dark.  I lightened them as best as I can.  Anyway, here are the photos! 
June Leyendecker
I had 27  new vintage hankie scarves, this is all that is left!


This display had about 55 Halloween Paper Houses.  Not many left! Have since re-stocked inventory.

Lots of Vintage Hankie garlands.  Priced by # of Hankies on the garlands.

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