Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vintage Whites Market in Loveland

A great start to 2016 season with the Vintage Whites Market in Loveland this past Friday (VIP Event 5-9pm) and Saturday 10-5pm.
I want to thank my dear friend Amy (owner of the Pink Attic Cat) who loaned me several display pieces for this market. We shared a rental truck and she drove us safely to Loveland as it snowed most of the way up to Loveland early Friday morning.

 It was wonderful to have our booth spaces next to each other. Her husband Greg was a great help as he loaded most of the rental truck and helped us during the market. I was impressed at how much Amy and Greg can fit into a truck. It was just the three of us loading, unloading and setting up 3 booths. Amy had a double and I had a single.

It was a great market. About 4,000 - 4,500 people attended (according to an email from Vintage White Market organizers). Many great vendors. I met wonderful ladies who liked my work and saw a few of my regular customers as well. 

The drive home late last night was a bit stressful as we encountered very dense fog. Amy did a great job driving us home safely to and from Loveland under interesting weather conditions.

I did not have my Cannon SLR camera with me.  Due to the lighting in my booth, the pictures were darker than I would have liked.  I lightened the pictures but lost some quality in the process.

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  1. I went to Vintage Whites last year, and enjoyed it -- but had to miss it this year. We ran into that same fog so I know what you're talking about -- scary! Glad you and Amy made it home safely -- and thank you for showing these photos so I could enjoy a little bit of the market, too!