Monday, January 31, 2011

Burlap Bags!

There is a really interesting story to these burlap bags. One that I did not fully understand until I spoke with my friend June this morning. A few weeks ago, I posted I was going to start working on several scrapbooks because I needed to do something else besides work with felt.  I really wanted to scrapbook but other responsibilities kept me from doing that.  Basically with the end of the year, I needed to work on a ton of  financial spreadsheets for our personal household and my little Etsy/Craft show business.

So, very reluctantly, I had to put on the accounting hat.  A long long time ago, I was a CPA.  Yes, an accountant before I became a stay at home mom over 14 years ago.    Although I have always been a creative person, I have not explored that side of me as much as I have in the last 14 years.  So, whenever I have to put on that accounting hat back on, I find I don't like it anymore.  Perhaps it's because I don't get paid for it?  I don't know.  Then after I was finally done, I was not feeling that inspired to scrapbook.  I spent time on line, checking blogs, scrapbook websites....I think looking for some inspiration.  I created some paper boxes and paper flowers.... so instead of scrapbooking I  did some paper crafts.  ( I will post those pictures later in the week).

Later in the week, I found  burlap bags.  I was impulsive, ran to JoAnn's fabric store to purchase burlap.  I did not know this, but it comes in colors too!   I felt a lack of focus and creatively  feeling like I was being pulled in several directions.  I did not like that, I felt I should scrapbook but oddly did not want to.  Instead I wanted to sew burlap bags.

So in the end, I reluctantly went with the flow of my mind and creativity. I had many ideas on how to embellish these bags, some worked ...some didn't.  Although, with the right tool (a ruffler foot for my sewing machine) I believe I will have success when I revisit one particular idea I have.  So some ideas remain in my head, sometimes it literally keeps me up at night!

A friend of mine is having a birthday in a few weeks and I had offered to donate some of my handmade items to my son's elementary school for an upcoming Silent Auction (fundraiser) so I decided I should make some bags for them from burlap, (that is how I think I justified it in my head) rather than scrapbook.

So, now that I have created some of the burlap bags I had in my mind, I think I can start scrap-booking....tomorrow!


Due to the extreme cold, the school just notified us that there will be no school tomorrow!  We get a snow day!

My friend Staci came to visit me last week when I was in the midst of creating these bags, she loved it so much I gave this bag to her.  She loves vintage fabrics as much as I do.

I hand-painted the red heart.
Added Tulle "Ties" instead of a button closure


Love this Vintage style fabric I purchased on Etsy.

Tulle and red flower trim purchased at JoAnn's

This was my first burlap bag.  I learned using regular paper stamps is probably not the best for these bags. 

Went over the original stamped images with a red and black sharpie.

This bag made for and donated to my son's Elementary school for the upcoming Silent Auction (a big fund-raising event for our elementary school.)

A linen fabric used for the lining.  I like the black and white flower design.

I think I will be keeping this bag.  A larger size tote.

I love this dress-form fabric I used for the lining.  My friend June introduced me to this fabric. 

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