Saturday, July 28, 2012

Firehouse Quilt Show in Castle Rock, CO

The Firehouse Quilt Show  was a 2 day show in Castle Rock.  It was on Friday and Saturday, July 20 & 21.  On the 21st, was my daughter's Laura 15th Birthday.  She has been a great help at all these shows. Before I applied to this show, I talked to Laura about it and asked her if her birthday party could be delayed to the following weekend.  She encouraged me to apply and told me not to worry...her birthday party could be delayed.

  This show was a little different because we got to setup on Thursday, which was really nice since setup was much more leisurely and it was indoors!  After we setup, the kids and I went to the Castle Rock outlet mall...we enjoyed a nice lunch and then went shopping for Laura's birthday gifts.  Friday, Alex joined us for the first time at the show.  Thankfully, between his Nintendo DS and our laptop, he was entertained during the show.  Alex had a mini Star Wars and Harry Potter marathon. 

 On Saturday, Laura and I got to spend her birthday together at the show.  We had a good time together.  I love having her with me.  She is a really hard worker and I appreciate how supportive she has been.  After the show, I surprised her by taking her to her favorite cupcake shop and got cupcakes for her and the family.  We all celebrated her 15th birthday by going out to dinner.  

Here are some pictures from the Firehouse Quilt Show:
Vintage Linen Birds

Love my new business cards
Felted Wool Rings - Flowers and Butterflies

One half of my booth. 


  1. Hi Isabel, your setup looks great! I hope you had a great show. Happy birthday Laura! :)

    1. Hi LeeAnna,
      Thanks for the comment. I gave Laura your birthday message.