Sunday, July 29, 2012

Laura's 15th Birthday Party Cake & Decorations -- Candy Theme!

Friday night (July 27th) was my daughter's 15th birthday sleepover party.  In my Hispanic culture, a girl's 15th birthday is very important.  Typically, girls will celebrate by having a Quinceanera which is really just a huge party.  Laura may of liked a huge party like a Quinceanera, but that was just not going to happen.  But, what I could do is make her birthday cake extra special.  I know, it does not compare to a Quinceanera,  but that is the best we can do.

The story about her cake started on her Laura's birthday, July 21st.  I posted on her Facebook page a birthday greeting.  While I was posting it I decided to add a photo of a candy theme cake from a Pinterest board on her Facebook page.  Laura loved the photo so much she told me, on Facebook, that she wanted THAT cake.

I can decorate cakes but this cake was HUGE!  I told her I would try and it would not be exactly the same but I could do something similar.  While we were shopping for supplies, Laura found that exact cake on the cover of Wilton's 2012 Cake Decorating yearbook.  She was so happy because she figured now that I had instructions I could make her that cake.  Even with instructions I told her it would only be two layers, not three.  Once she agreed on the changes we got to work.  Here is the cake from Pinterest.

Here is my version....Laura's 15th Birthday Cake:

The birthday cakes I decorate for my kids birthdays are truly a labor of love.  I don't decorate cakes often enough so it's a slow process for me.  This is the biggest cake I have ever baked and decorated.  The bottom layer (Lilac) is an 18 inch round.  The cake pan is a half circle because if it were a full 18 inch circle, it probably would not fit in my oven!  Thank goodness I found a local store that stocks just about everything a cake decorator would want.  I got great advise and many supplies at Cake Crafts.  Two days were spend creating the decorative elements, baking and decorating this cake for Laura...but, it was worth it.  Laura loved her cake and in the end, that's what this was all about.

Since her birthday theme was Candy this year, I had fun creating a candy shop type of display for the party.  Laura created a cupcake liner garland and did most of the work on the ice cream cone decorations.  Twinkling white lights and paper lanterns decorated the patio.  Laura's friends had a great time just hanging out, watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, eating candy and watching movies into the early morning.

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone.  Really, it feels like it was just yesterday when I held Laura in my arms and she was just a baby.  Now, she is talking about taking Driver's Ed course because just like a typical teenager she has her sights on driving....I am not ready!  Will I ever be ready for all these changes that come too quickly?

15 Lollipops created from fondant...

Candy dots, ice cream cones, cupcakes...Laura's favorite colors are tiffany blue (teal) and purple.

Laura's crafty work

Laura cut the paper cones, selected the fabric, cut the fabric circles.  All I did was sew the ruffle and hot glued it on. 

Candy display was just fun to create

love the colors ...candy just makes people happy!

Cupcake paper garland - Laura's work.  I created a candy garland using a pendant shape clear bag.

The party guest got to take all the candy they wanted home


  1. Happy to know about these party decorations and candy theme. Few weeks ago, arranged my nephew’s birthday at one of the exquisite Los Angeles venues. It was a themed party and he enjoyed this party with all his friends.