Friday, January 10, 2014

Catching up...Sugar Cookies & Gingerbread House

I wanted to post pictures from days before Christmas where we decorated Sugar Cookies and a family Gingerbread house weeks ago.  After all the shows, I was exhausted and needed a break from everything, including blogging.   Now I feel like I have to catch up before I post about the new items I am working on.

Above all I am grateful we had a really good holiday.  I mostly spent quality time with the kids.  I am already a fan of Downton Abbey, all I needed was my 16 year old daughter, Laura to join me.  She did.  I watched 3 seasons of Downton with Laura ... I am ashamed to admit we did this marathon is 2 days.  Two days where she and I just watched episode after episode of Downton Abbey while Alex, my 9 year old son, build lots of wonderful things with all his new Lego kits.  He was happy... we were happy!  David, who was working during all of this, would come home to a very content home.  He is intrigued by this Downton Abbey but sadly does not have time to sit and watch like we did.  He was just happy Laura and I were getting along so well.  Laura and I were so happy when the 4th season started this past Sunday. 

Oh, I should also mention we watched other movies.  Several movies with Laura at home and some with Alex.  Alex and I went to see several movies at the theater, we saw Saving Mr. Banks and Walking with the Dinosaurs (took 2 of Alex's friends to see the Dinosaur movie). 

David and I also got some quality time together.  He and I went to my friend Amy's  (owner Pink Attic Cat) "Christmas" party last Saturday.  The kids stayed home while David and I spent time with Amy's family and friends.  We had a really good.

Before Christmas, we managed to continue the annual tradition of decorating Sugar Cookies.  Sophie, Laura's friend who has joined us for many years spent the day with us decorating cookies. This year, Alex asked if he could invite a friend since Laura always invites Sophie.  So this year, Ryan (also 9 years old) joined us.  The kids rolled sugar cookie dough and used an assortment of cookie cutters.  I made the butter-cream icing then the kids colored the icing - 9 colors!  Then it was time to decorate.

We were all very impressed with Sophie's cookie decorating skills.  She has said she is not too crafty, but I have to say she  has come a long way .... I was so proud!   This was Ryan's first year and he seemed to enjoy himself, although I don't know what he thinks for the 2 teenage girls who kept poking fun at each other.  At some point, Laura and Sophie got into a icing rumble... they were on the floor laughing and getting icing on each others face.

Here are the cookies:

Sophie's Cookies

Laura's Cookies

Ryan's Cookies

Alex's cookies... the long green cookie on top is a snake.  He is the kid that thinks outside the box.  Since we don't have a snake cookie cutter, he just created his own shape.

David's cookies... yes, my husband enjoys this activity as well.  I did not decorate any sugar cookies this year.  I am what you would call the facilitator.  I refill icing bags, take photos and get the kids what they need.

A few days later, on Christmas Eve, David, Laura, Alex and me decorate our family Gingerbread house.  Afterwards we watch A Christmas Story while we wrap presents.  Alex goes to bed early because he still believes in Santa.   I am happy to say this is the 16th year we have decorated a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve...our tradition continues!

"I" am sitting next to the snowman.  "Laura" is on the side of the house.
"Alex" is wearing candy cane suspenders and is next to 2 mini cars he built  in the "backyard"

"Alex with his race track"

"David" is in the back with a snowball in his hand.  Perhaps aiming for "Isabel?"

"Laura" is out of focus in this picture.  I wanted you showcase the bench Laura created from candy.  I have to say, both of my kids are creative!

I originally planned on posting this at the beginning of this week  but I suddenly came down with a cold.  I am on the mend now but get tired pretty easy.  This cold slowed me down but now that I am feeling much better, I will continue to work on some Valentine theme items.

Tomorrow I will post preview pictures of my items in progress.

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