Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vintage Linen & Paper Heart Garlands

The Checkered Corner will be open next week.  Including a special preview on Thursday, January 16th.  It will be open during it's regular hours on January 17, 18 & 19th.  For the all the details on location and times, please click here.

The Checkered Corner will be featuring

"Upstairs/Downstairs" wares and invite you to enjoy tea and crumpets in 
Celebration of Downton Abbey Season 4

I am not the only fan of Downton Abbey.  Anita and Patrice are fans of Downton Abbey as well.  

This of course had me thinking of what new items I could create for January using the inspiration of Downton Abbey.

For me, it is vintage linens and lace.  I decided to create something I have had on my to do list.   Something some customers have actually asked me to create.

Vintage Linen Garlands

I hoped to take pictures of these garlands in the backyard yesterday afternoon but this Colorado weather is constantly changing.  We still have snow on the ground but the days are warmer, which is nice.  But, yesterday was really windy so I decided I was not even going to try.

I am really happy with the results.  If I don't take pictures of these garlands in my backyard, I will take pictures of them on display at the Checkered Corner next week.  For now, I can only show a preview of them.  Thankfully, I manage to get most of these done before I came down with a bad cold.  Now that I am feeling much better, I will finish a few more in progress. 

I am also currently working on creating heart paper garlands.

 Lots more to sew:

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