Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Changes to Isa Creations/Isa Creations Vintage (Etsy)

You may recall that on December 31, 2013 I wrote a post about blog header and other changes in 2014.

Changing the look of my blog is perhaps the most noticeable change but a very small one in comparison to other changes I will be making.  Changes that have been taking shape since last fall.

As much as I love creating so many different handcrafted items, this year I will probably not create as much.  Why?  Time.

The biggest changes to come are as follows:

I plan to  work part of the week as a  
Substitute Teacher
Earlier today it became official.  It took several months to get my 3 year  Substitute Teacher License from the Colorado Department of Education.  Then a few more months to have all the paperwork processed by Jeffco Schools.  I hope to narrow it down to my son's elementary school in the next few days.  As of today, I am now on the system as a Substitute Teacher. 
This will be a new experience for me.  One I am a bit anxious about since it's outside my comfort zone but it's the only way for me work outside of the home and have minimal impact on my kids.  I enjoyed working as a Substitute Para because I was a teacher's aid ... in other words, I was not in charge of the classroom.  As a Substitute Teacher, well, you get the picture.

Creating is an integral part of me.

 If I don't create
I get crabby!
Sometimes, my family will just tell me
"Go create something, please"

I plan to continue creating.
Just not as much...

I plan to continue participating in  markets like A Paris Street Market and  Sugar Plum Bazaar
I have even applied for the first time to another great show in June.

One significant change

I will be leaving the Checkered Corner after February
Checkered Corner will be open on February 14, 15 & 16, 2014
It will be the last time you will find Isa Creations in the upstairs bedroom
It is sad but also necessary.  
I loved the year I spent at the Checkered Corner with Anita and Patrice
They are great ladies who love what they me.
The reality is most months my sales barely covered my monthly rent, more recently consistently falling short.

During November and December my sales were record-breaking for me at Sugar Plum and Rue De Noel, A Paris Street Christmas Market.  Through my friendship with Amy, owner of Pink Attic Cat, I started helping out at the shop during several special store events.  That led to Amy inviting me to bring a sprinkling of my seasonal inventory at the Pink Attic Cat during those special events in  October, November and December.  With a sprinkling of inventory my sales at Pink Attic Cat far exceeded those at the Checkered Corner.  They are only a few blocks from each other; however, they are different type of shops.

As much as I loved being a part of the Checkered Corner family, the accountant in me 
(yes, it is still there...buried deep inside but still there)
had  to accept that the Checkered Corner was not the right place for Isa Creations.
My customers are finding me at A Paris Street Market, at Sugar Plum Bazaar,
 and at the Pink Attic Cat
 BUT not at the Checkered Corner.

After the February sale dates at the Checkered Corner, I will be packing up my inventory and it will be ready in May when A Paris Street Market starts up again.  That is of course, that I continue to be accepted as a vendor by A Paris Street Market and Sugar Plum Bazaars in 2014.

On the bright side, I will  pay more attention to my 
 Etsy shop
  I have neglected it.  As I create new items, I will work hard to have a sampling of new items added to my Etsy shop.

You will also find a sampling or a sprinkling of some of my handcrafted items at the Pink Attic Cat.  You will also find me at the Pink Attic Shop on Tuesdays from 10:00 - 2:15.  Above all, I value Amy's friendship and this is just two friends helping each other out. I can help her by giving her the option to work on other things for the shop while I handle her sales register and post pictures on Facebook. She helps me by having a sampling of my inventory at her store.  There is also an exchange of creative ideas, which I love! 

This post is much more detailed than I planned on but I also feel it's important to share the big changes in my creative endeavors.  

So to recap, this year I will re-join the workforce (part-time) = Substitute Teach no more than a few days a week.
Isa Creations concentrate more on shows this year
A Sampling of Isa Creations at the Pink Attic Cat

My love banner, pin cushions and coin purse now at Pink Attic Cat

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