Friday, December 19, 2014

Estate Sale in Pine with Friends

Last week I found an estate sale in Pine, CO.  The amount of vintage Christmas was staggering.  Naturally, I called my friend Amy Kozdron, owner of the Pink Attic Cat.  The Pink Attic Cat is known to specialize in Vintage Christmas during the months of November and December.  Check the Pink Attic Cat's Facebook page here and you will see many pictures from the shop.

We had to go on a field-trip to  Pine.  Last Thursday morning, I was ready at 6:15 a.m. when Amy and Traci came to my house to pick me up.  We wanted to be in line soon after 7:00a.m.  The estate sale started at 9:00a.m..  Why were we there so early?  The items at this estate sale were so unique and special, we wanted to be first in the door.  We were 4, 5, 6th in line!  Many people came to this estate sale.

The drive up to the house was beautiful.  We saw the sunrise! The driveway leading to the house has a steep grade.  So steep, Amy had to put her vehicle in 4 wheel drive.  I am not a fan of mountain driving but visiting with Amy and Traci helped relax me and we were there in no time.

We all had our wish list.  Unfortunately, some of the items were more expensive that we anticipated. The three items on my Christmas Wish list at this estate sale were  Putz Houses, Strands of Mercury beads and a few mercury glass bird clips.  Since Amy and I had those 3 items in common, we shared these purchases.  After Traci and I helped Amy gather the Vintage Christmas I began shopping for my usual, vintage linens.  We spent hours at this estate sale.  I have to say, it was so much fun!  I loved spending most of the day with Amy and Traci.

There was one item, perhaps #1 on my wish list that I had to walk away from .  A collection of beautiful Victorians button in a shadow box.  The price was much more than I was willing to pay.  As the morning went on, I even asked to look at the shadow box up close.  I wanted it but I told myself,  "No."

After a morning of shopping, we were hungry and stopped for lunch in Pine.  Amy knew I really wanted the buttons, so did Traci.  During lunch, I said it was just as well, after I paid for all of my stuff I did not have enough cash to buy the buttons anyway, so it was not meant to be.  This estate sale was very strict, only cash accepted!  Amy then handed me a cash loan and tells me, "you need to buy them, we are going back."   After lunch, we went back up the hill to the estate sale.  The ladies at the estate sale were happy I purchased the shadow box.  All morning long, they knew I really wanted it that button shadow box.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday (next year)  to ME from me!
The photo does not give this collection justice.  There is a purple button (grape) that is just beautiful.  I will be finding a place on the wall in my basement studio for this shadow box.

I did not take photos of the linens, I washed them the same day and are now in my craft closet. However, here are a few pictures of the Christmas Treasures I purchased.

Strands of Mercury beads:

The tier of Putz houses on the left, with the beige glitter Church and all the houses below that tier all came from the estate Sale in Pine.  The other houses are estate sale finds  from the past 2 years.   The sequin Felt ornaments on the tree were purchased at the Pink Attic Cat - love them!

My Vintage Christmas in the Living Room

These long neck mercury glass birds are so special.  One has a crown. 

This past Monday I received an email from the estate sale company handling the Pine estate sale.  They were having 50% discount on everything on Tuesday.  Amy was planning on going to Pine on Tuesday to pick up a very special medial cabinet she purchased last Thursday.   This time, Amy and her husband Greg came to pick me up, at 8:30a.m.  We did not need to go so early since the sale opened at 9:00 and we did not have to be there when it opened.

I was not planning on more purchases; however, I found items I had not seen or missed before.  Some items I had liked but at the discounted price, I purchased them.  Again, we spent hours finding more vintage treasure. Amy purchased more Vintage Christmas and I found more vintage linens, among other things.   Again, we had lunch at the same place in Pine and even stopped in a few thrift stores in Pine.

 I spent another fun day with friends.

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