Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sugar Cookies- Our Annual Tradition Continues

Every year since Laura was in pre-school (she is now a freshmen at CSU) we bake and decorate sugar cookies. When we moved to Littleton 9 years ago, our tradition continues. We love to share this tradition with friends. Laura's friend Sophie joins us every year. I love to see how Sophie continues to improve on her cookie decorating skills - makes me proud! Sophie is now a pro at this! Laura loves her school so many of her cookies were decorated in her school colors. Sophie's cookies are always pretty and uses lots of pink icing.
Alex has always invited his friend Ryan, both age 12. This year the boys took their decorating skills to a different level. Their cookies were all about Star Wars. They even had various Star Wars books to use as a reference.
Love spending the morning with the 4 kids as they get flour on them (and everywhere else) when they use the cookie cutters. I bake the cookies for them while they hang out. It takes a while to bake the sheets of sugar cookie shapes. After lunch, I make several batches of buttercream icing. We split them up and all 4 kids have to come to a consensus of 12 colors plus we leave a small batch of white buttercream icing. All 4 kids then add the food colors and create a small batch of colored buttercream icing. Laura and Sophie then add the icing to the piping bags along with an assortment of decorating tips.
I love to see my kids and their friends creativity at work. This year I also decorated a handful of cookies. Always fun! For our family, this is part of what Christmas is to us.

Laura's cookies

Sophie's cookies
Alex's Cookies

Ryan's cookies
Ryan and Alex each holding their first Star Wars Sugar Cookies.  The boys did a great job!

My cookies

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  1. That's awesome! Love everyone's cookies! Thanks for sharing!