Sunday, December 27, 2015

Peppermint Gingerbread House - A Family Tradition

Eighteen years and counting,
that is how many years we decorate our family gingerbread house on
Christmas Eve.
This year we decided to do a peppermint theme - mostly.
Each year we each decorate a gingerbread person and decorate our person doing something.
David, my husband is fishing and I have a pile of snowballs. Am I aiming at my husband who is fishing or waiting for one of my kids?
My son Alex did an amazing job building construction equipment. He is a construction equipment engineer.

Alex gingerbread is directing all the equipment.
My daughter is just hanging out. Alex decided to create a CSU sign for her because just hanging out was not really an activity so now she is a CSU student hanging out:)

Love the details Laura added to her gingerbread dress.

Laura added a little angel to the top of the roof.

Love our family time together, especially on Christmas Eve. Grateful we continue our family tradition.

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