Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Twilight Eclipse Birthday Banner!

Whenever possible, I like to make the party decorations for my kids birthday parties...especially when there is a theme involved. Originally, I was only going to do the banner for "team edward" but my soon to be 13 year old daughter asked for a second banner....one that would say "happy 13th birthday laura."

So here are the photos of the banners:

The inspiration for this twilight eclipse party banner actually came from Pam Smerker's party website. She also has a store on Etsy, called Party Starters. A party banner is in her gallery, click here to see it.

I created my own version. I had to purchase another copy of twilight's Eclipse for this purpose since I want to keep the book I read intact. I tore pages off the Eclipse book. I trimmed the sides of the pages and fed them through my inkjet printer. Basically, I used the pages from the book just like printable paper. Using Photoshop Adobe Elements, I typed a letter using the twilight font and added styles I purchased from scrapgirls. I printed each letter on a single page from the book.

After I printed all the letters, plus a few extra graphics I used my Marvy scallop 3 inch punch. I used the scallop punch for the smaller banner. I cut circles from black cardstock and layered the papers together. I stapled the circle layered letters to a black damask ribbon.

For the "team edward" banner, I just trimmed the printed book pages a little more and layered them with black cardstock and damask papers. I added red eyelets to the corners of each letter and weaved a ribbon through the eyelets. The ribbon is on the back part of the letters.

Here are more closeup photos of the banners.

Laura loved her banners!

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