Friday, June 18, 2010

Twilight Eclipse Felted Wool, Crochet, Fabric and Bottlecap Pins - Party Favors!

Well, this is the first time I have created pins as a birthday party favor. This project certainly took a life of it's own. Intially, I was just going to do bottlecap pins -- pretty simple. However, working in my craft room always inspires me as I take a look at other "stuff" in progress.

Since I opened my Etsy shop back in November 2009, I have concentrated on selling items made from felted wool sweaters. As I was working on the bottlecaps, I realized i should add layers of felted wool - black, grey and red. I layered them and added the bottlecap in the middle. I liked it.

But then, I remembered I recently found a red and white crochet sweater at the thrift store. I had cut out the crochet "flowers" from these sweaters. Then it hit me, why not add some of the crochet flowers to the mix? The colors were perfect, white and red. If that was not enough, I also had some black and white Damask type cotton fabric. I decided to created simple frayed flowers from the fabric. Now I had felted wool flowers shapes, crochet flowers, frayed fabric flowers and bottlecaps!

Not surprising, I just went a little crazy making all these different combinations -- this also meant I had to make more twilight eclipse bottlecaps!

So, instead of just a few pins for Laura's 13th birthday party, now I have so many I will be mailing some to my friends who are also twilight fans. And, I will also post a few of these to sell on Etsy.

This is how some of my projects evolve. I start with a basic idea or principle and sometimes, it just takes a life of it's own - I love it! This was fun. The best part, is that I get to share this with my family and friends.


  1. isabel! i received your little treat in the mail today. thank YOU for thinking of me. and the card was super sweet. YES, i have a lot going on. it's odd because typically when that happens i can usually feel comfort in writing about it (i.e. blogging). i WILL get back to it. safe travels to texas and ENJOY. xoxo, rachel

  2. Rachel,
    I am so glad that you liked your little treat. I look forward to your blog postings. Take care. Isabel

  3. All the party creations are wonderful and amazing as usual. I finally got to finish reading about them all. Lots of love, June