Thursday, July 1, 2010

VIP Tickets to Twilight Eclipse Movie!

It has been quit an exciting few days around my home. Last Friday, I received an e-mail about a Twilight Eclipse event at Sloan's Lake Park in Denver. I called several of our twilight friends and we made plans to attend Saturday evening.

Laura's friends, Emily and Sophie. Emily's mom, Lori Lynn and I had a great time at the park. Sadly, Lisa (Sophie's mom) had to work so she was not able to join us. Soon after we arrived, a light drizzle rain arrived too. We thought, or hoped, it was over but we only got a short reprieve because a short while later the rain really come down. We were soaked and cold. But, it was all worth it.

First, Laura, Emily and Sophie dressed to reflect their love of twilight. When they were at the Vitamin Water booth, they made such an impression that Jennifer (she worked at the booth) gave them VIP tickets to the Eclipse moving screening on June 29! So exciting for all of us because their moms got the VIP tickets as well. We made sure Lisa got a VIP pass as well.

Second, the sun came out and we got to enjoy various twilight activities at the park. We all got free twilight merchandise like pens and bracelets. We got a group photo with the Eclipse movie backdrop.

Third, we got to have our shirts signed by the two actors who made an appearance at the event.

Pictures and more details below.

Fourth, we got to see the New Moon movie outdoors in the park. It almost felt like we were in a drive in movie, a thing that you have to be about my age (44) to remember once existed.

Fifth, we all just had just a great time at the park. And although I am 44, I felt much younger. I owe that to my daughter and this whole Twilight phenomena.

So, on Tuesday, June 29th it felt like we got to experience all this again. Except this time, we got to see the Eclipse movie in a very nice theatre. The event was at Cinebarre in Thornton, CO.

Again, we enjoyed more activies. The girls got a makeup makeover which they loved. We took memorable pictures in a picture booth, I will be making them into a bookmark for all of us. Great appetizers and Vitamin water was provided.

Here is a picture of the VIP pass:

While the girls were getting their makeup makeover, Lisa and I went to go play some twilight Trivia. Lisa was the first winner. Eventually, I won too. We were so happy with our winnings, an Eclipse t-shirt, pins and magnets.

I made this felted wool handbag just for the VIP event. When I saw the black wool sweater at the thrift store, I knew I would create a "twilight" style handbag. I had not had time to make it, so on Tuesday morning I decided I would at least try. To my surprise I actually finish my handbag. I added one of my felted wool twilight pins and a large twilight charm I had previously purchased and it was ready.

Now, back to Saturday's event at Sloan's Lake Park. The two cast members who made an appearance were Booboo Stewart (plays Seth Clearwater) and Tinsel Korey (who plays Emily). They play member of the Quileuete tribe and the Wolf Pack, the werewolfs of twilight.

Laura, Sophie and Emily were ready to meet the cast members and patiently waited for them to come to where they were, right next to the barricades. The barriers were set on an oval shape, with the inflatable movie screen inside that oval. I went across the barrier (other side of the oval) so I could I take a picture of the girls. To my surprise, Tinsel came over to the area I where I was standing. I asked her to sign my shirt...that was an unexpected treat for me. The girls were so focused on Booboo Stewart, they did not even notice that I had my shirt signed.

Sadly, the actors were called to the tent by the inflatable movie screen, and although the girls were just 10 feet away, Booboo Stewart had to leave the line and was not able to give them an autograph. The event activities continued with the actos Q & A. Laura and Sophie would not leave their spot. They are so dedicated I was not surprised but I did not think they were going to get an autograph. Well, their dedication and faith paid off because Sophie got a hug from Booboo and a photo with Booboo and Laura got a hug and her shirt signed. They were so happy and excited! Sadly, Emily was not able to get an autograph.

Laura's shirt signed by Booboo Stewart:

How did they manage to get Booboo Stewart's attention? Sophie and Laura and a group of other girls managed to get his attention by screaming "TEAM SETH" Team Edward (Laura) and Team Jacob (Sophie) switched teams in that moment and joined forces to get a memorable memory.

My shirt signed by Tinsel Korey:

She was very sweet:

And, by the way, Laura and I loved the movie! We all had a great time and a great opportunity to bond with our daughters, which in the end, is my favorite part of all this. We had two very memorable evenings.

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