Monday, July 5, 2010

A Birthday Tradition Between Sisters

My sister Gaby often teases me that I got all creative genes and left nothing for her. Gaby, you are creative, everyone in our family is creative. My mom sewed wedding dresses, my dad creates wonderful works of art with steel (he is a welder), my brother can draw and illustrate. Gaby is a 3rd grade teacher and she is creative in her methods of teaching and she has an eye for decorating.

As the scrapbooker in the family, I love to take lots of pictures of our family when the kids and I visit El Paso, TX every summer. For years now, I create some type of a scrapbook for my sister for her birthday (June 24th). I use the pictures I took during our visit from the summer before. So this year's scrapbook, prepared in 2010 has many photos from 2009!

Here is the cover for my sister Gaby's scrapbook with closeup photos. Happy 41st Birthday Sis!

We will be on the road to El Paso tomorrow morning...
I created some of the embellishments, like the paper rolled flowers and clay buttons. I purchased a few from Making Memories and Prima Flowers. However, one of my favorite purchases is the crochet doilies from Sweet Vintage 78, a lovely store on Etsy.


  1. Love the album pages. Happy Birthday Gabby! Thanks for sharing your sister with me.

  2. thanks for sending me the link Isabel, i really appreciate it when customers do, i love to see how people use the doilies in their own special ways!

    Bet your sister loved it!

    Jodie x