Monday, July 26, 2010

Twilight ECLIPSE Birthday Cake

Laura is now 13 years old! Since my kids were born, I make them a special birthday cake for their birthday parties. Their birthday parties have been centered around a theme... their birthday cake reflects those themes.

This year, Laura's birthday theme was Eclipse, from the twilight saga. I created this cake using fondant. Laura and her party guests were very happy with this red velvet cake.

Creating a book on top of a "table" with a white table cloth was inpired by Laura's love of reading. Although the twilight saga are among her favorite books, the birthday cake also represents Laura's love of books. I wanted to capture that part of her personality on the cake for her 13th Birthday.

I placed the actual Eclipse book next to the cake. I created the cake version of the book, the same size as the real book.

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  1. The cake is beautiful. I'm sure the girls loved it. I've got a crazy busy week with work this week, but I'm looking forward to catching up after that. Love ya,