Monday, June 14, 2010

Twilight Eclipse - A Mother Daughter Thing

My daughter Laura and I share a love for the twilight books, movies and music. I recently read Stephenie Meyer's new Eclipse Novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner .... loved it.

We also downloaded the Eclipse Movie Soundtrack from itunes this past week and both Laura and I love the CD!

Laura will be turning 13 next month. My little girl will officially be a teenager! When did that happen?

Last year's birthday theme was Twilight's New Moon. This year's birthday theme will be, no surprise here, Twilight Eclipse. I have been working on the party invitations and favors and will be posting them this week.

I decided I would start by posting a twilight item I painted for my daughter, last November -- just before the New Moon Movie came out. We saw converse shoes painted with the twilight theme in a magazine. Since I can paint, I told my daughter I would paint her a set.

Laura and I also share something in common. We are both Team Edward! Naturally, her converse shoes reflects that choice.

Painting these shoes for Laura gave me an opportunity to return to my first love ....painting.

Each side of the shoes reflects the twilight book covers.

Eclipse and New Moon.....

Twilight and Breaking Dawn...

Laura's friend Sophie liked the shoes so much, I also painted a pair for her....she is Team Jacob so her shoes reflect that choice.

Laura, Sophie and Lisa (Sophie's mom) and I have planned a special mother daughter night for June 29th. Dinner, hanging out at Belmar Shopping center and a midnight showing of the Eclipse movie!

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