Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to Creating Handbags...and Scarfs from Felted Wool Sweaters

I have been working so hard on my felted wool pins, I have neglected to make any new handbags and totes!  With my  last craft show of the season this Saturday and Christmas it has motivated me to create more felted wool handbags.  It had been so long, I forgot how much fun I have creating these one of kind handbags. 

About a year ago, I  cut many felted wool sweaters to create scarfs but did not do any sewing on them.   My friend Staci has made the scarfs for two years now and I hoped to make some but it is not until now that I actually made them.   I found them a little tricky but in the end I was happy with the gathered edges and creating coordinating pins to go along with my scarfs.

My goal is to post all my new handbags and scarfs in the coming weeks.  So, today I will start with a black and white handbag with a coordinating scarf.
A closeup of the two flower pins on the scarf.  

 A black and cream handbag.  I added a scallop edge to the side.  The cream sweater was difficult to work with but I really wanted to use it on a handbag -- the sweater has a lace within that I wanted to use. 

 The lining of the handbag, I found the fabric in the remnants bin at JoAnns.

 My friend Lisa had an old wool/blend sweater it has been converted into a handbag.  I added the rose pin to the bag.

 The lining was fun, it's the first time I combined different coordinating fabrics into the lining of the handbag.  Since I did not have enough fabric I had to combine the different I am glad that was the case because it allowed me to explore a different technique.

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