Saturday, December 4, 2010

Felted Wool Handbags with coordinating Felted Wool Scarfs

Creating new felted wool handbags has been fun.  While shopping at the thrift store, I was lucky to find some wool sweaters with embroidery.  After these sweaters were felted the design was kept pretty much intact.  Using the embroidery in the felted wool was somewhat of a challenge but I am pleased with the results.

Pink Black and Red

 A fun fabric for the had all the colors I needed, black, red and pink!
 With the leftover felted wool material, I created extra rose pins.
 This is the other sweater with embroidery. A scarf ready for Christmas.
 The coordinating handbag -- one side has a rose pin on the corner.  Since it is a pin it is removable.

 The other side of the bag.  I really liked this handbag.  If I don't sell it at today's craft show (Bear Creek High School Craft Show), I think I will be keeping this bag for myself.
 I used fabric with text.

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