Monday, December 27, 2010

A Quilt for My Son Alex

Alex is a 6 year old boy who loves dinosaurs, trains, cars and construction trucks and machinery.  A couple of months ago I was at a local fabric store when I came across this Construction Scene  fabric.  Although I had no intentions of buying fabric to create a quilt that day, that is what I ended up doing.  I have created little baby blankets in the past, but never actually created a quilt, especially one large enough to fit a twin size bed.

While at the store, I thought to myself  "I can do this."  I have friends who quilt and I am sure they will help me with this project.  So, I took a leap of faith (believe in myself) that I could create a special quilt for Alex.  
 My friend Amy loaned me some quilting books and more importantly, showed me features my sewing machine has that I was not aware the fact that my sewing machine has the ability to lower the feed dogs and that my machine came with free motion quilting foot and a walking foot! 


My friend Kelli invited me to join her this December when her church group had their monthly quilting get together.  The ladies were full of encouragement and gave me great advise on how to proceed with the quilting...especially the free style motion quilting.  

So, I basically jumped in and worked many days and nights to create this quilt for Alex.  My first quilt.
Alex loved his quilt and was surprised on Christmas Day.    I can't get a picture of the entire quilt (due to its size), so I have pictures of showing portions of the quilt.  The center panel is what started this, an entire construction scene including a food truck...which Alex loves (we watch a lot  of food network shows and the food trucks show is one of Alex's favorite).

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