Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies - Our Family Tradition

After David and I  married, we  have created our own family traditions.  After our daughter Laura was born, more Christmas traditions were started.  When Laura was a toddler, I started an annual tradition of decorating sugar cookies.  I had decorated sugar cookies, on and off for many years prior but it has now been an annual tradition for us for over 10 years.    Ten years ago, I decorated most of the cookies.  Now, I only decorate a few cookies while Laura (age 13), David and Alex (6 year old son) decorate most of the cookies and I am more of a facilitator. I love providing this experience for my is our family tradition, one I hope my kids will continue with their own families.

This year, we were able to share this experience with Sophie (age 14).  She helped us bake and decorate the sugar cookies.  Sophie did great and we all had a great time and now Sophie has many cookies to share with her family. 

Laura's Cookies:

 Isabek, Alex and David's Cookies
 David's Sugar Cookies:
 Alex's Sugar Cookies:
 Sophie's Sugar Cookies

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