Saturday, December 11, 2010

Using Embroidered Wool Sweaters to create a Felted Wool Handbag

Last February, if memory serves that it was February, Staci and I went to our local thrift shop which was having a 99 cent sale on all their sweaters.  Of course, Staci and I had to go....even though we both already had plenty of wool sweaters to felt.  But a bargain is a bargain.  This past February I was in search of more unique wool sweaters and the black wool sweater with embroidered flowers was definitely one of them.  Since it was a cardigan style sweater, I can only use it in a handbag if I use more of a quilt style pattern.   Each side of the handbag is the same.  

I am not sure what I will do with this one, perhaps put in on Etsy or a gift?  Not sure.  I need to start working on packaging all of my Christmas gifts to my family and friends...many spread out across Texas in El Paso, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.  Got to get busy shipping all of our gifts.

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