Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laura's 14th Birthday Party

Last night was my daughters 14th  birthday party.  Keeping with the theme of ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars, she invited 3 of her closet friends (who also love the show).  It's was a nice sleepover party where 4 teenage girls had fun, at least I heard them laughing....alot!  I honestly don't know how late they were up other than they went to sleep sometime in the dawn hours....they don't even know how late they were up.  

Keeping with tradition, I made Laura's birthday cake and many of the party decorations.  This year the cake was easy because I just ordered an edible image  from Ebay. 

One of my favorite decorations is the birthday banner I created for Laura.  I had seem a similar design on a magazine and felt it was the right style for this year's birthday party.  It does not show up too good on the photos, but my favorite part was the little crystals hanging of each banner center.

 Every year, I try to create a unique party favor bag.  This year, instead of a bag it was a box.  It's a bakery box I purchased at Michael's.  Since I used the actual text pages from the first Pretty Little Liars book for the birthday banner and candy wrappers, it was only natural I use the text pages on these boxes.  I decoupaged torn pages around the sides.  The box is filled with goodies like chocolate, popcorn, frame, bookmarks, stationery, decoration and pencils with each girl's initial and of course some nail polish. 

 Since Laura is an avid ready, I also like to create bookmarks reflecting the party theme:  Laura picked out most of the images and I created the bookmarks using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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