Monday, May 6, 2013

Laura Inducted into National Honor Society

Earlier tonight, my daugther Laura was inducted into the National Honor Society.  We are very proud of Laura.  She has earned this recognition.

This past year, Laura has worked very hard.  As a Sophmore at Columbine High School, she has a full course load.  Two AP class, two honor classes plus she plays the violin in the school Orchestra.  This past Spring, she also played Tennis for Columbine High School.  She volunteers at church most Wednesday nights.  All of this has led to Laura sleeping very little...she and I sleep about the same amount of time (which is not good at all). 

This past year, especially with the AP classes, I have seen Laura mature academically in a way that makes me very proud of her.  She is responsible and works very hard to earn good grades.

At tonight's induction ceremony, Columbine's HS Principal, Mr. D (Frank DeAngelis)  congratulated all the new inductees.  He said 84% of Columbine HS graduates go on to College, which speaks very high of the school and in my opinion, his leadership. 


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