Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Old House Vintage Market this Saturday -- Sunny Skies!

The forecast is looking really good!

Sunny Skies this Saturday!!

After two markets with freezing cold weather, I am ready for a sunny warm market day.
A Paris Street Market was freezing cold in the morning then around noonish, the rain and hail arrived resulting in the market closing early.

Valverde Bazaar was just freezing cold, all day.  NO RAIN, which was truly something we (all the vendors & customer) were grateful for.  However, it did make for a long day which I now blame for this nasty miserable cold I have had since Sunday.  I am doing better and will take it easy the rest of the week so I can be all better by this Saturday.

This Saturday, I will be a vendor at a new market in Golden.


  1. Hope this went great for you. I thought of you when I saw this posting idea:

    1. That is a cute vintage planter pin cushion! The market was fun, great sunny weather and I am happy with my sales:) Thanks for thinking of me.