Monday, May 2, 2016

VintageEmbroidered Linen Pin Cushions

I have been so busy working I have neglected my blog. This will be the first of several postings in an effort to catch up, especially with 3 upcoming markets in May. First one is this Saturday, A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove. Followed by Valverde Bazaar and Old House Vintage Market. Details on the markets to come later this week!
First thing! The 6th grade memory book for my neighborhood elementary school where my son Alex is a 6th grader is FINALLY DONE!!! Amy S. and I celebrated last week with Margaritas and Mexican food after the digital files were delivered to Staples who is printing the memory book:)
I have been sewing and creating lots of new Isa Creations alongside with the memory book. I am pretty sleep deprived, but what else is new? Although, I am soooo grateful for these past weekends - I get to sleep in!
For this blog posting, I am happy to share I have re-stocked my vintage embroidered pin cushions for the entire season! I created a record amount at one time- 130 new pin cushions!

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  1. Those are really lovely. You are very creative. I loved the Paris Street Market last year but just moved to Missouri. Your booth was always very CHARMING AND UNIQUE.