Friday, May 6, 2016

Tattered Quilt Camper Tea Towels and Pillows

As I mentioned in yesterdays's post! I love creating using free form stitching or sewing illustration technique.

Creating Camper or Airstream inspired flour sack tea towels has been on my long list of new items to create for this market season. I plan on creating them using cotton fabrics, vintage trims, vintage buttons (door handles) and of course, use the free form stitching technique.

Two weeks ago, I went to an estate sale - after not having time to go to any Estate Sales for months. Between the 6th grade memory book and substitute teaching assignments (many on Thursday's and Friday's) I had not been able to go to any estate sales. I missed them!

At this estate sale, I found two great finds. A tattered quilt and a huge collection of vintage paper dolls. I am sharing the vintage paper doll collection with my friend Amy (owner of the Pink Attic Cat) who also loves paper dolls. We will sort though them sometime later and I will share photos on my blog. Probably sometime in June or July.

Getting back to the tattered quilt. Immediately I knew this tattered quilt would become the top half of my new Camper/Airstream Tea Towels! My initial sketched plans changed with this tattered quilt find. I continue to enjoy the creative process. This tattered quilt became the focal point and used cotton fabrics and vintage trims that would complement the vintage quilt portion of the Camper. I have learned to listen and follow my creative voice. I am pleased with the results and grateful so many people have like my Camper Tea Towels on Instagram (IsaCreationsVintage).

I created 16 Camper Tea Towels and 6 Camper pillows. The pillows have a zipper, which allows the pillows to be washable.

All my new handcrafted items will be available tomorrow at A Paris Street Market in Aspen Grove. Rain or Shine, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.





Camper and Airstream Pillows. The size varies.


The back of the pillows is the same tattered quilt used on the front.



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