Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upcycled Text Pages Flowers with Bling Centers

I used a flower punch and six layers of them to create one upcycled paper flower. The pages came from one of our favorite novels, I have an extra copy and have been using it to create paper flowers. The centers are various forms of bling.
I am preparing for the fall craft shows, so I have started to work on extra items for the sale. These paper flower embellishments are among those items. I added magnets to a few of these flowers and they work great!

Later today, we will be going to Laura's middle school to get her school locker set up. It is helpful to leave all of Laura's school supplies in her locker so she does not have to carry them on the bus next Monday. But, for Laura, the most important part is to decorate her locker! She is my daughter.

Laura will have an assortment of these paper flowers magnet (text paper from the novel Eclipse and Music Paper) in her locker. They are pretty and functional....can't beat that! It is so appropriate Laura has these in her locker since she is a huge Twilight Fan and she plays the violin in the school orchestra.

Closeup Photos:

And, like the Music Paper flowers, I also created some of these text flowers with centers filled with seed beads...

I also placed some of these flower magnet on my black refrigerator...they look great.

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